Talk show host Jessica Lee is targeted by a deranged fan, who vows to kill until her show is taken off the air. Don't miss this highly-praised thriller!

Stark Warning, by James Raven
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324 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 51 reviews

"I had knots in my stomach and felt my pulse quicken throughout the entire book. Truly a thriller with a mystery that had me stumped until the very end. What I liked about the style of writing is that Mr. Raven writes the story from the main character's perspective; a detective/inspector who has strong observation skills. So, as he is introduced to people, Quinn describes them in what reads like notes. When he arrives at crime scenes he notes everything from smells to sounds to sights. He concludes based on the facts he observes. This helped me, as the reader, feel like I was in his head. It was pretty cool and I enjoyed this style of writing. I'd definitely call it a great thriller and worth every penny of the asking price." -- Amazon reviewer
"Every time you appear on screen someone will die."

That's the stark warning given to Jessica Lee, host of a confessional talk show on network television with millions of fans. But one deranged viewer is out to destroy her career. He demands that her programme be scrapped and tells her to stop appearing on TV. To prove he means business he claims his first victim -- a young woman who is found dead with her throat cut. Jessica and her bosses face an agonizing dilemma: take the show off the air or risk more murders. They decide to defy the killer, for fear of setting a dangerous precedent. But there are dire consequences.

"This novel is great fun. The action flows so swiftly that one keeps guessing with every twist and turn. The glimpse into the cutthroat world of television adds depth and color to the book. It's an extremely entertaining read and should be a delight to thriller fans." -- ONLINE BOOK CLUB.

James Raven, author of Stark Warning, has worked for over thirty years in the television industry and drew on his experience when writing this novel. He's also the author of Malicious, After the Execution, Rollover, Urban Myth, Red Blitz, Brutal Revenge and Arctic Blood.

Praise for James Raven's previous novels:
'This is a chilling story, superbly written, with captivating and unique characters. The pace is vigorous with twists and turns, storyline is potent, candid, and engaging. An awesome, captivating novel which I highly recommend,' Nancy Silk Reviews blog

After the Execution:
'This is one of the best books I've ever read, and I've read a lot! It constantly leaves you in heart grabbing suspense,' Goodreads Review.

Urban Myth:
'This is a great book. It gave me nightmares, but I couldn't put it down,' Listed Magazine.

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James Raven has been a journalist for most of his working life. After reporting for local, regional and national newspapers he moved into television as a news scriptwriter. He then worked his way up to become Director of a UK News Division. He now runs his own TV production company. James spends much of his time writing and travelling.

He is the author of a number of books including Rollover, Stark Warning, Urban Myth.

James has a website at:

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