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New from ReAnimus Press: STARSHIP OF FOOLS by Nara Strete

ReAnimus Press Store: (available in ebook + hardcover + paperback)
Amazon: Starship of Fools

National lampoon meets Star Trek meets hitchhikers guide meets Monty Python meets, well, Francis Flattener.

Francis Flattener, twenty-five, unmarried, unemployed, and a burden on her family. And Royalty (with a capital R). Having, among other things, bankrupted planets, caused wars, poached endangered species to near extinction, and (allegedly) caused the great sewage backup of '43, the royal court of the planet Kodargan and Supreme Council have decided that Something Must Be Done. That Something is either to exile her to the guano mines of Flatulanto 5, or to assign her as Captain of a starship with crew of other adorably deranged misfits and task them with finding something unfindable, to wit, the End of the Universe. Based on the title of the book, you're welcome to take a guess which. Or you can read the book and laugh your ass off. Your choice.

Lots more new books from ReAnimus Press - see the list at
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