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StiGmA, A Frightening Love Novella of Forgiveness

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My name is Betsy, and it's exciting to be here! I'm about to publish a graphic novel and looking forward to learning from everyone! DRM Free a good idea? More the merrier?

Neither a proper novella nor graphic novel StiGmA encourages readers to review their own consciousness and assumptions of righteousness.

StiGmA explores the mental illnesses and limitations of a man and the demon dwelling within him. Godric Ififison struggles in a chaotic world weaning in and out of reality and nightmare. His lover Lorretta Amen leaves on vacation, and Godric's neglected depression and nightmare resurface with full force. Desperately fighting to function in society he cycles through choice and natural consequence. Overwhelming romantic feelings instantly develop after a chance encounter with a younger woman, Cherry Wu. Godric's is confronted by a man knowledgeable of the violent truths surrounding Godric's estranged family. Becoming dangerously infatuated Godric resolves to search for his family and confesses a destructive truth. Ultimately he will be torn between sanity, a marriage proposal, and the power of Blood.

Putting up a website too, Please visit! PLEASE!
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