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Watchers is Koontz's best work. Strangers and Lightning are also great. The first Odd Thomas book was wonderful, they've gone steadily downhill (I'm dreading the next two). His co-authored Frankenstein books are masterful (the third book in the trilogy is not out yet). Everything else I've read (almost all) are of lesser quality than the aforementioned. (I bought The Darkest Evening of the Year the day it came out, read 3/4 of it; I love dogs and still can't find any reason to finish it).

(Whispers was pretty good, so was Phantoms; maybe you should just read the one word titles?)

Sorry I sound a little strident this evening...It's possible I'm still upset because I read Watchers first and nothing else has equaled it. (Kinda like reading The Stand and then Tommyknockers) 8)
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