Can't get enough of those "Match 3" games on your Kindle Fire? Give "Sugar Drops" a try! This recently-released game from Bullbitz is available now for just 99 cents.

In this game, you swap and swipe candies to line up three of the same type. Obstacles can appear, in the form of netted candies, which you can clear by matching adjacent candies. Other obstacles include cupcakes and chocolates, which can only be cleared by attaining a "power up", or by clearing adjacent matched items. The on-screen instructions give clear guidance on how to get past the obstacles.

As you advance through the game, clearing sugar drops, you level up to tileboards of increasing difficulty.

As with other Bullbitz games, the app is generously featured with 300 levels, five difficulty modes, 15 power up combinations, and enough special obstacles and power-ups to keep the game challenging and interesting to play. Click on the screenshots below for larger views of the gameplay.

"Excellent game! Love this newest Match Three offered by Bullbitz. Listening to customer comments has allowed creation of this game to include all the best parts of the previous games. My review is based on playing on kindle fire HDX 8,9 for about an hour and a half this morning directly after my purchase. Some people may not prefer to purchase games rather than getting them free. But with this game you don't get annoying add scrolls or have to solicit friends for extra lives to keep playing so I say using 99 amazon coins for it (which I got for free anyway) is totally worth it. I could type for an hour describing every facet of the game I have experienced so far, or I can wholeheartedly encourage you to get it for yourself and study the highly comprehensive (How to Play) after you open it. Taking option 2 means I can go back to playing the game and open another vault and make more bees fly. Enjoy all!" -- Diana, Amazon reviewer

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

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