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Suggested to review yourself? From Amazon?

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Just thought this was funny and am wondering if it has happened to anyone else...

Got one of those auto-emails from AMAZON.

"Jill Edmondson, thank you for your recent purchases from Your reviews of these products will help other customers like yourself shop on Review your recent purchases..."

Therein followed the cover image and link to my latest book (which I have not bought/not downloaded, LOL).

Given Amazon's recent smackdown on reviews in general, I find it hilarious that they've suggested that I review my own book!

This never happened with any of my other titles. Have any of you been nundged to write a review for your own books?
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Yep, it happens all the time to me. I've never taken them up on the offer to review my own books, LOL!
Yup, i'm guessing it's because I buy copies of my own books (as a final test on my Kindle.)
Those are just automated Amazon form emails.  When purchasing, Amazon's algorithms don't differentiate between customer and author. I've gotten plenty of those.

The problem is that there are authors who do self-review (despite how bone-headed of a concept it is) and then use that as a defense "but Amazon told me to do so".  It doesn't exactly help their reputations at places like the Amazon forums.
LOL, yeah, I've gotten the same email. Cracks me up. But like Rick said, sadly some authors use this as an excuse as to why they should review themselves.
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