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Suggestions For Number Of Words?

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Hi all,

What a nice busy forum :)

I'd love some advice - I'm in the process of writing a travel book for Kindle release. What sort of word count would you suggest I aim for? It would be my first attempt at Kindle publishing, and I'm only aiming for the $1.99 price range.

Thank you!
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You mention you're new, so I'm not sure if you know this or not, but if you price at less than $2.99 you only get 35% royalty.  $2.99 and above gets 70%.  If you haven't already, you may want to factor that in.  Plus, if you have photos in the book making it a bigger than B/W file, you'll lose part of that royalty in DL fees.

My suggestion is to DL some competitor books that have done well and have great reviews and shoot for a similar length.  Good luck!!
If I was doing a travel book, I'd do a series, focusing on a different area in each book. I'd try to keep it around 50K.
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