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Summer of film novelizations?

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I really enjoy reading movie novelizations.
Two reasons.....
A film script is only 120 pages and a full length novel needs 300 pages to fill so there are times when the writer is allowed to add to the characters within the story as long as they don't deviate from the plot of the film.

Plus....Many times there are scenes in the film script that get cut during the filming process- either because of timing issues or length or rewrites etc.....
But the writer still has that original script in hand when he's writing the book so there are occasions when chunks of story that MIGHT have been filmed ( or were filmed and got deleted before the release) STAY in the book!

Saying that.....I already know that Star Trek Into Darkness is going to get the novelization treatment does anyone happen to know if the other two major releases, Man Of Steel and Iron man 3  will be released as books also?
And hopefully they'll be released to kindle in addition to being a paperback- this has the potential like never before of bringing in additional cash to the publisher. I'm old enough to have been around when there was ONLY the paperback version and was surprised that they actually went ahead and released a book format since they would only print maybe 30,000 copies. After all who reads the book novelization anyway? Still.... I was grateful when a book version did come out.

I also miss the old days when the book would come out several weeks ahead of the release of the film in order to get word of mouth generated through the small community of fans ( back then) who loved the characters. Now of course there is far too much money at stake for the critical opening weekends so the books are released the date of the film release
Still.... there must be some degree of revenue in the books since they keep getting published

I'm especially interested in the Man of Steel since the trailer looks like this new film will have a good deal of character study of Superman. Something none of the other films touched on too much ( at least not in the way I suspect THIS film will explore which makes this upcoming film a bit of a risk and yet I applaud the studio for taking the chance)
So anyway- if anyone knows of a link to a novelization for this year that other folks here would be interested in please shout it out!
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The Man of Steel novelization by Greg Cox, from Titan books, comes out the day movie opens--although the junior novelization stuff comes out well before. No Kindle version mentioned; have any novelizations at all come out on Kindle yet?
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Star Trek V was arguably the worst of the Star Trek movies, but the novelization wasn't bad. It made things make sense that didn't make sense in the movie. Plus there were some dumb things in the movie that a book can gloss over. Putting a horn on a horse to make it some sort of alien animal? Just make it a horse.
mgohearn said:
No Kindle version mentioned; have any novelizations at all come out on Kindle yet?
I have the novelization of The Dark Knight Rises by Greg Cox on my Kindle, so they do come in that. I think I had to wait a week after the movie came out to get the novelization.
Thanks MG! And actually I still don't think they are being released as kindle books also which would be a shame since I prefer a kindle format

Maybe as the release dates get closer they will give it the kindle treatment as I say... there is sure to be extra money to be made beyond what they would normally have made with JUST the paperback release
After all.... extra cash is extra cash
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