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A friend of ours, Kevin McGrady, is doing his annual 3-Day walk for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We normally support the cause with a donation, but this year I thought I would try something new. While I don't sell a lot of books, I have decided to donate all proceeds from my book sales from now until June 14th (I know, strange date, but it is based on a writing contest that would complicate things should I win).
In an attempt to bring in more sales (and thus more donations) I have lowered the prices of all my eBooks to $0.99 (lowest I can). So for every eBook I sell, $0.34 cents will go to the search for the cure. Paperback books are a little more complicated since the costs are based on number of pages, etc. Buying them direct from means lower costs to me and therefore more donations. All three novels (a fourth coming soon) can be found at ( , though please use if you want a paperback version of Velocity2 (, The Other Side ( or the Flip Side (
Or if you like, you can donate directly to Kevin's team, Boxing Babes at In the last 7 years, they have raised over $700,000--great job team!
PS: Don't worry, Kevin, I promise to at least match last year's donation. :)
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