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New to Fire.
How do I pull down the top of the screen so I can type in a link to surf the web?
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Welcome bbman

From the home page slide the menu left until you see Web/  Tap it and you are in the browser.  If you'd not been on a page when you closed it, you should see a field to put the URL in right at the top. It starts on "Starter" links: The 'starter' pages will be based on what's popular both in general and the pages you've been to most. If you go to Bookmarks or History, you'll see sights you've bookmarked or visited before. 

If you were on a web page that you did not leave before closing the browser, you'll probably go back to that page when you open the browser again.  Tap the + at upper right; that will take you back to the the 'new page' tab.  You can type a URL or choose from the suggested sites.  The "x" next to the tab allows you to close any tabs. . . .if you don't do so, it'll just keep opening new ones.
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