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Looking for a feel-good read for the long holiday weekend? My debut contemporary romance, Sweet Corner, enters Countdown Deal today, September 3rd, initially priced at only $0.99! You can still snag it at $1.99 at the end of the weekend, before it returns to regular price by September 10th.

Reviews and Purchase Options: Sweet Corner

D. T.


  • In the aftermath of a devastating breakup Emmaline Bartlett flees the city leaving behind a faithless boyfriend and her half-interest in their successful restaurant. A normally determined redhead, Emma struggles to repair her self-esteem and accept the revelation that toppled it. Risking the last of her reserves to convert a trio of weathered outbuildings into a rustic Italian bistro, she soon discovers that winning over locals and building profitability is easier than denying her growing attraction to the property owner's nephew. Emma knows there's only one course that can satisfy those cravings.

    Conner Mitchell, ruggedly handsome despite wounds more visible than Emma's, isn't living the life he expected since quitting the rodeo circuit to help run the ranch. Devoted to his aunt, he is as suspicious of Emma's motives as he is resentful of the hunger she immediately inspires. As Conner begins to see the world around him through Emma's jade-green eyes his skepticism gives way to admiration and a desire to get inside her carefully constructed barriers. It's a good thing he's a patient man.

    Just as Emma gains enough confidence to share her secret, her old life comes calling with the unexpected arrival of her ex. To complicate matters, a series of baffling mishaps and anonymous complaints threaten the restaurant's reputation. Now both Emma's new, simmering relationship and Sweet Corner's future could be in danger.
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