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I'm sort of a productivity nut. I've tried a lot of stuff over the years.

The one thing that does NOT work is "winging it." No surprise. The thing that DOES work is a strict schedule using Google Calendar.

Writing/Editing/Outlining are my deep creative work that DO NOT get interrupted. No internet, no phone, just the blank screen and a notebook next to me if I need to look something up later. I do take breaks every hour or so if I feel I need them, but it requires me leaving my desk to get my phone, but part of me is wondering if I might be better off just going for a short walk without the phone. I have 4-5 hours of "deep work" a day and this time is precious and cannot be interrupted.

All minor tasks that are not "deep work" get batched at the end of the day and I knock them out methodically one after another. Email, ads stuff, quick blog posts and social media updates. Google keeps me notified when the time to switch tasks coming up since calendar is the only the site I allow through Cold Turkey blocker.

By the time it's 5, I usually have nothing left to do and the day feels super productive. I can read, play video games, whatever.

I've written four books so far this year, which is actually high for me since I'll go through 3-4 drafts per book.
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