Take My Husband, Please: A Romantic Comedy, by Kimberly Jayne
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337 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 17 reviews

"Chock full of fun, wit charm and a dash of bawdy irreverence! This author grabs you by the eyeballs from the get-go and takes you on a hilarious and charming journey of exes and "oh's". It'll have you scratching your head, giggling out loud and even tugging at your heart strings. I love the way this author paints the stories and characters in vivid detail, helping you live inside their minds and maneuver through the plot right alongside them. A fun read!" -- Amazon reviewer
With the ink on her divorce nearly dry, rookie realtor Sophie Camden is ready for some fun, excitement and adventure-an orgasm wouldn't hurt either. Only one teensy complication for this mother of two: her ex insists on moving home after his unexpected personal meltdown.

A layoff, investment disaster, and his dad's death have brought Will Camden's life into harsh perspective. The cherry on top? Sophie filing for divorce-not that he blames her; he left her no choice. All he wants now is to regain financial footing and be a better father to their kids. That, and to quit obsessing about his sexy wife. Thing is, if she discovers his plan to liquidate everything, including her house, she'll hate him forever.

When Sophie's sexy new guy is reluctant to date her unless Will is verifiably out of the picture, she gets entangled in a bet designed to keep Will "occupied" by dating five women of her choosing. Ugh, she just wanted to get rid of him! But soon enough, she turns her unfortunate task into a delicious payback. While the hottest bachelor in town pursues her and the biggest real estate deal of her life hangs in the balance, the man who gave Sophie up-suddenly Daddy of the Year-seems determined to sabotage her future with a new man who could give her everything.

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Meet the Author

Kimberly Jayne is a humorist and writes romantic comedy. She has been making up stories since she was five, when she scribbled on the lined yellow pages of her grandfather's office notepads her first tall tale about pigs flying. Yes, she started that shtick. Since then, she's written just about everything and for various websites and clients, including humor features for Playgirl Magazine. She also performed her work in the 2011 Listen to Your Mother Show in Austin, Texas.

Kimberly is the author of "Take My Husband, Please" and "All the Innuendo, Half the Fact: Reflections of a Fragrant Liar." She writes romantic comedy, erotica, paranormal, memoir, humorous essays, and poetry. Her romantic comedies are sassy, sexy stories about modern relationships, and though her paranormals are much darker and sexier page turners, her trademark wit shines through.

You can find her at FragrantLiar.com and ReadKimberly.com.

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