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Hello everyone,

the book 'Tal, a conversation with an alien' is free for the next few days, here is the description and link from amazon.

From the Publisher:

The author of this book, who chooses to remain anonymous even to us, submitted this draft and we chose to publish it. He writes of an encounter that he had with a being he called 'Tal' who looked human but claimed to be an alien. The author believes that this person was in fact an alien due to the content of their conversation and the events that lead to and followed it. The author requested we divulge no information about the book that could influence the first reading of it. We will reveal, however, that in the conversation, Tal attempts to show the author how a far more advanced life form would observe and function in the universe. Tal does not describe a technological superiority, but an actual perceptual and physical difference that leads to a fundamentally greater understanding of the world. The conversation covers many topics; including time, the perception of extra dimensions, quantum theory, infinity, and consciousness. Tal uses examples from modern scientific theory, ancient religions, alien worlds and even chess. The author wished to publish this book because he felt that this encounter dramatically changed his life. We hope that you find this book as entertaining and meaningful as we do.
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