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Hey. I have been toying with an idea for a couple of weeks and trying to decide if it is even something that authors are looking for, so I thought I would come directly to the source. I love how helpful everyone is here.

My idea is a custom book preview (I am calling it a lookbook) that closely resembles the look inside feature but allows authors to share all their retailer and social links. It mimics the feel of flipping through an ebook.

The idea behind these is that they are designed to capture the readers interest by sharing a sample (say Chapter 1) and provide the links at the end for them to buy if they are interested, as well as share on social media.

My thought is that these can be used in social media advertising to engage and captivate readers in a story or linked in newsletters. I can also provide an iframe or html code to embed on websites.

Below are 2 examples (these are romance examples because that is traditionally the space I have been involved but I believe it is adaptable to any genre)

I would love to hear feedback if this is something you would invest in for your books and marketing? Also, what do you think about the look and feel of it? Is it easy to use?

I look forward to hearing all your opinions. Thanks
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