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Ted talk about creativity

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My mom linked me to this Ted talk by Elizabeth Gilbert about creativity, and her idea about how to take the pressure off your mind when feeling overwhelmed by the sheer weight of it:

Anyway, I liked it, and I thought perhaps some of you guys might, too.
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I'm glad I watched and listened. Gilbert's talk was definitely worth 20 minutes of my time. I've been aware for a good many years of the reality of subjective experience, which I take to be an indication that we live in a milieu rich with possibilities of which we only momentarily obtain glimpses. I think of this ability to perceive another plane of existence and thought by analogy, as dogs trying to read a newspaper. The dog might have the tiniest, fleeting awareness of the black-and-white silhouette of a dog or rabbit printed on paper as having significance to her life, but so much more of interest and relevance is printed on those pages. In like manner, the world around us is rich with fascinating connections and ideas and truths which we sniff at and drool on, and only occasionally understand in some partial, fleeting way. Gilbert's talk focuses on the connection aspect of this reality. There is a genius or genie or muse for us, because we cannot but have connection to the greater reality, and this greater reality is subjective and immersive, not objective and disconnected. We are merely the mouthpiece for whatever bit of truth or idea we managed to perceive between bouts of drooling and sniffing.
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