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Teen Contemporary: Road Salt (Wings from Ashes, 2)

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I would like to take the time to announce a new release on - Kindle Select program.

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Road Salt by Linda Nelson

There's nothing wrong with getting high, or so Carol and Karla felt in this Teen Contemporary, that is until Rod got high on Bath Salts.

Karla does not have a good relationship with her mother just like Carol. The two teen girls quickly become friends with two new boys on the block. They suggest taking a short vacation from parents and school and go on a road trip.

This trip quickly turns from being a fun time with friends and lovers to the worst time in their lives as they make their way across several states before it all falls apart. The mutual feeling about getting high begins to change for both Carol and Karla when Carol's boyfriend begins using Bath Salts. Their road trip goes to hell because of his usage of this new designer drug that neither of the girls have heard about.

The first book in this series is Friends of Choice.

From the Author:

Wings from Ashes is a series about the downward spiral of drug addiction and will have a recovery/romance theme for the last four books planned in the series.

Linda is a member of RWA and NHRWA since 2012.
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Linda ---------------------

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The Story Behind the Book
Linda was watching the news last summer when she saw her son's counselor speaking about the dangers of a designer drug that was hitting our streets. She wanted everyone to know how dangerous Bath Salts was.
This gave Linda the idea to write Road Salt.
While this book is completely fictional, the main idea of the teens taking the road trip south was sparked by an incident that happened in her daugter's life several years ago. Giving the reason why her daughter said, "Good book, but bad memories."

Please note:

Bath Salts, which are referred to in this story are not the ones you put in your bathtub. They are not the Calgon take me away Bath Salts. The substance that is being reffered to happens to be a substance that was and is being sold in Head Shops around the world and online. It is the nickname it has recieved. This substance has other names too, like Cloud 9, Plant Food, and Ivory Wave, just to name a few. It is a very dangerous substance.
This book was written in hopes to get the word out as to how dangerous this substance really is. And no, it does not create Zombies, that is a myth.
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