It's "Thank you, Thursday", and we're giving a shout-out to an exceptional small business that creates stand-out bags and sleeves for Kindle readers: Borsa Bella!

I was first made aware of Borsa Bella from the frequent posts that KindleBoards members make in our forums about the company's high-quality products. Many posts rave about the company's attention to detail, and great customer care.

Melissa Wisen is the talent behind Borsa Bella, and her offerings now include bags for DSLR cameras, iPads, computers, and - of course - Kindles. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Melissa over the past couple of years. She lives in Wenatchee, which is just a few hours over the Cascades from my home in Bellingham.

Melissa started sewing at a young age with the encouragement and guidance of her mother. After completing her business degree at Eastern Washington University, she began sewing and designing bags as a hobby... and demand grew to the point where she now has a brisk business offering her work online.

She has been a delight to work with - and testament to that is the high praises that she receives from our members for her exceptional customer service.

By the way, KindleBoards was a small part of Borsa Bella's entry into the Kindle and e-reader market. You can read about our shared history here. It shows how the power of a passionate community can make a difference for a small, customer-oriented business.

See all of the designs and fabrics available at!