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Terry Brooks and Patrick Rothfuss interviewing each other

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Don't know if anyone's posted this before, but I thought it was interesting. I like how they speak of their days before being published with what feels like a longing to return to those days. It's in 4 parts.
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Awesome. Bookmarking that for some lunchtime reading.
Well, that ate up an hour of writing time. LOL. That was really fun to read, thank you for sharing it. I was just gonna go peek at it, but ended up going through the whole thing. They both seem so cool, and I've been a fan of Terry Brooks since 1980. Both writers come off very approachable and genuine. Plus, it's nice to see "I'm not the only one" kind of things in there.
I just ended up reading it now instead of later, too. 50 to 300 drafts for Rothfuss? That Just wow.
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