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Testing the cover for my upcoming book "MY STORY, YOUR SUCCESS!"

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Hello, people! My name is Klemen Globochnik. I am a motivational author who recently wrote a success-oriented book, titled "MY STORY, YOUR SUCCESS!" I am happy to share the first details about it. Firstly, I would like to test the title as well as the book cover.

The genre of a book fits these categories: Non Fiction, Success, Motivational, Marketing & Sales, Advice & How to, Self-help, Religion & Spirituality.

I would be glad to read your comments about it (thoughts, feelings, opinions, anything really). Your feedback is a huge support for me to perfect my book! Thank you all for your help and participation in a starting process of my baby.

I wish you all a successful 2013!

"Life without enthusiasm is like sex without an orgasm"
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welcome to KindleBoards! I've moved your post to the Writers' Café, the appropriate forum for discussing the craft and business of writing.  The Book Corner is for discussing books you've read, not written; thanks for understanding.

As for your cover, I like it!  I'm sure your fellow authors and the readers who come through will give you tons of feedback!

The title's pretty good for a motivational or self-help book, but I recommend adding a subtitle. It's not clear from the title what primary aspect of life the book is meant to help, so that would be good to add.

The rest of the cover looks nice. Books in this category tend to use lighter colors, so the darker color scheme and the imagery lean more toward the spirituality side--it's hard to say if that's a plus or a minus for how it will sell or what it's trying to convey. If I was looking for a marketing book I might not pick this book over another one, but it definitely does have a motivational feel. Based on what's here I have only three suggestions:

1) The sans-serif font you're using is good, but not striking. You might want to consider heading to FontSquirrel and checking out alternatives. Don't discount serif fonts, either; they can be quite good in this kind of setting.

2) The font used for "My Story" is too wispy. It won't survive in a thumbnail. The fact that it's a script font isn't a problem, but a different one would do better. I don't care for the style of the M anyway; something a little more readable and with more heft to survive downsizing would be better. The dramatic T is nice but I'm sure there are alternatives that don't sacrifice readability.

3) The title color blends in a little too much with the yellow in the background. A different color choice that contrasts with both the yellow and black might be better, but at a minimum you should consider embossing the letters or giving them an outline, whatever will make them stand out.

The way you've laid out the title and your name all look very good. I like the use of size and spacing, and the tilt on "My Story" works really well with a script font.
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