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I've just released an omnibus edition that includes the three novellas of the Thankful In Vegas series.
This is a great read for the Thanksgiving Day weekend to get you in the mood for the Holidays. The time sequence puts you in Vegas with Fran, an down-and-out maid. Her dreams crash and burn, and she is seeing nothing in her future. Then, in walks a man that can change things for her, forever.

Set between Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, it will get you into the Holiday mind frame and hopefully get you through this Thanksgiving Day Weekend.

Set at the low release price of $2.99!

Is dating a gambler in Vegas a good idea?

Especially if you work for him?

Fran Hurley is a maid at a Las Vegas hotel. In the middle of her cleaning shift, she breaks down over not making her showgirl dreams come true. Along comes Dex Luxom, the owner of the hotel. Concerned for one of his employees, he whisks her to the entertainment department and gets her placed in one of the shows. But her luck doesn't stop there. Dex is interested in Fran and won't give up easily. Haunted by the fact she looks like his deceased wife, he can't stay away from her. When Fran discovers he is a gambler, she decides she needs to take a chance with Dex and falls for him hard.

But when Fran finds out she looks like his dead wife, will it put a damper on their relationship? Will the bullets flying past her when they are taking a romantic day trip make her rethink dating a gambler? It all comes down to the New Year's event that may split them up or bring them closer together. To love a gambler takes more than luck; it takes strength and courage. And it all could end with her being the biggest player of all.

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