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The librarian of my favorite library requested copies of my work, so I ordered some extra copies through CreateSpace. When I opened the box today, I discovered that a single book was completely waterlogged. Weirdly, the book next to it was unharmed, as was the cardboard packaging nearby. It's as if someone poured a cup of water through the crack directly onto that single book.  ??? It's completely dry here, and the book it still soaked, so I assume it has something to do with the delivery person rather than the supplier.

So I called up CreateSpace Support to see what could be done. Their response was to agree with the bizarreness of the situation, apologize and send a replacement at no cost to me.

So thank you, CreateSpace Support! You turned a weird and mildly annoying situation around. Now I just get to laugh at which book got soaked ("The Blood of Senbralni", in which one character is a ghost in the rain).  ;D
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