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So, many of my readers take the time to tell me in person or on my blog how much they like my book, but I'd really like them to post their reviews on Amazon to help my sales. Know what I mean?

To help motivate my good reviewers I started a contest on my blog. If you're a writer and you'd like to enter my contest, please do!  ;D

Plus I'd be happy to trade reviews with other authors. If you're interested in doing that, contact me.

All my best,

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Hi Cheri,

I think most authors can relate to your frustration in seeing nice feedback that doesn't translate into posted reviews. :p I went to look at how you had worded your contest and I had some thoughts in regards to this section:

Many of you tell me you love my book, and I really appreciate that! However, I need you to tell the rest of my readers as well.

It is true that you "need" this to happen, but it feels maybe just a teensy bit pushy to tell them that, at least in my view. I wonder if readers might respond more positively to a different tone that is still a "call to action." Something like "Many of you tell me you love my book, and I really appreciate that! Would you be willing to help me spread the word?"

Next, where you have this:

Here's how it works: Read Fateful and then, IF you like it, post a positive review on Amazon AND Goodreads. (I was going to suggest Barnes & Noble too, but it appears they're changing things and you can't post reviews there right now.)

I would suggest you might want to amend the "post a positive review." I know what you mean--that you want readers who already said they love your book to say that in a review--but it comes across as if you are insisting that only those who post positive reviews get to be in the contest. Yikes!

Anyway, just my two cents worth. I wish you all the best! ;)

So you are paying people to post positive reviews? Do you honestly not see a problem with giving people a prize for posting a positive review? You realize that even though you say "Read Fateful and then, IF you like it, post a positive review on Amazon AND Goodreads" since the only way to enter the contest IS to leave a positive review that simply encourages people to post fake reviews to enter.

And then there is this:

Give Fateful a 4 or 5 star review. Um, do you really think I'd give you a prize if you gave me a negative review? Plus, I'm assuming only people who actually like the book will want the prizes.
Well, one three stars is not a "bad review." Two, yes, if you were interested in sincere and honest reviews and not fake praise I WOULD expect you to allow all reviews to count towards a prize.

This completely discredits ANY reviews of your book because you are engaging in overt bribery to solicit ONLY four and five star reviews.

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I agree with what Julie and Cidney have said. A contest like this will only hurt you, not help you. Things do go viral on the internet, and with one simple tweet, it could be all over the blogosphere that an indie author is paying for reviews from readers. And really, isn't that what it is?

I see nothing wrong with trying to encourage people to leave HONEST reviews, but what you are doing is simply discrediting your own reviews. Once it gets out that you were trolling for 4s and 5s, how will a potential reader feel about the reviews on there? Personally, I'd be very suspicious of such reviews, thinking they were only positive in order to get a prize. And as a potential reader, I'd stay very far away.
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