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Thank you to everyone who clicked on "I want to read this book on my Kindle" for my friend Barbara O'Neal's book THE LOST RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS which is released today -- and is in Kindle format!

changed to Kindle version. ::)

I highly recommend this book. Barbara also writes as Ruth Wind and Barbara Samuel; this is her first book under the O'Neal name. But she has dozens of best-selling books in her backlist.

This is women's fiction at its's the has romance, a bit of suspense, and lots of good recipes!

"Twenty years ago, Elena Alvarez, the chef heroine of O'Neal' romance, was the sole survivor of a car accident that left her badly scarred and haunted by the sister and boyfriend she lost in the crash. Attempting to escape the specter of the accident and buoyed by her love of cooking, Elena drifted to culinary school in Europe and eventually ends up at an upscale Vancouver restaurant, where her passion and skills capture the attention of celebrity restaurateur Julian Liswood, who hires her as the executive chef of a new restaurant he is opening in Aspen, Colo. Elena relishes the opportunity, even as she recognizes the potential disasters, both romantic and job-related, inherent in the feelings she has for her boss. As the new endeavor finds its footing in Aspen's restaurant scene, she, too, begins to find a home." (Don't pay any attention to the part I didn't include...the person obviously doesn't know what s/he is talking about!)


Wait!  I suddenly remembered that I own two different editions of WD and I still actually enjoy reading DTB's. ;D

But thanks for the clicks. ;)
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