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That "waking up and seeing your first review" feeling

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Morning all!

I finally received my first review, and I just had to share. :D since i write under a pen name, I haven't told anyone I published Featherlight, so these boards have become special to me over the past few days.

I awoke this morning to find my first review- 5 stars!! (a legit one, because none of the review exchanges had worked out yet)

Queprecia Spann- "This book was amazing I started this book at 9:00pm . I finished it at 5:00. It was an amazing book for so many reasons. I thought I was going to find 2 yr.old fiction but instead I found a book that kept me guessing what was going to happen next. This book is a ROMANCE ADVENTURE"

I was so excited. Do you remember your first 5 star review? Am I completely overreacting?
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Thank you! I am definitely enjoying it, and I am so thankful that my first review was a good one, because I no there are many bad ones on the horizon. (and hopefully some more good ones as well!)

The toughest part about being an author will be the disappointed readers... I know it will just make me sick getting bad reviews, but I guess that has to happen to everyone. :(
It's the best!

I still only have a couple of reviews on Amazon, but every time online strangers have given me positive feedback about my unpublished work in the past it's always been fantastic. :)
There's nothing that gets me eager to start writing again like a nice boost of positive reinforcement!
I know, right?  :D It's like all the hard work has finally payed off, and it's extremely motivating!
Not overreacting at all. Hadn't had a review for about six weeks, then had an absolute gem show up on Christmas Eve. It wasn't just that it was 5*, which was of course wonderful. It was that the reviewer literally seemed to "get" everything I'd tried to accomplish with the book. Still feeling the happy buzz today.
That's fantastic! Even though my book is a light read, I completely understand what you mean. Having a person understand the message you're trying to send makes it even more special. :)
Congrats! That's great!

I am still waiting for the first review of my mom's book. People are buying it so hopefully it will be soon!

How exciting! :) My first review made me squeal just a little bit, I must admit. :) You're not overreacting at all! Or if you are, you're in good company. Welcome to the club!
Thank you, Adriana- Glad to know I'm not the only one! :)
Update: I don't mean to bump, but I just received my second review on the same day! Another five stars.

"Featherlight is an impressive debut YA novel from a young writer: an intriguing and exhilarating blend of sci-fi, fantasy, romance and some hard gritty realism.
In this story we are drawn into the troubled life of Jacqueline Winter, a girl with attitude. She's had to be tough in order to survive what her short life has thrown at her. And when events take a very unexpected turn Jacqueline has to draw on her last reserves of strength and determination to find her place, and maybe even happiness, in an alien world.
A stunning achievement. I look forward to the next book from this talented author."

If this keeps up I'll never get any sleep.   ::)
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