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John Daulton said:
Instead, set yourself free. Be happy. Embrace yourself
I nominate this thread for the best thread of 2013! (Unicorn floaties or no unicorn floaties!)

Life is too short not to enjoy life and the "Things-I-should-do" in my life is already full!
("...I really should write more, answer all those email, get the paper work regarding reclaiming your tax sorted out, call mum more often,
be more sociable and meet new people, feed the cat on a regular basis and NOT just when she is cranky, etc, etc...")

So, in an imaginary world I would be more than happy to join you at the 4th of July Pool Party (as they are not that common here in England).

Oh, and I will be the one at the pool party dressed in the black-and-white Sweeney Todd bathing suit, sitting by myself in the shade with a book...
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