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Hi. If you're looking for an interesting Fantasy Adventure Novel You need to check out The Accidental Brotherhood by Jim Bondy (me).

About the Novel
It began as a family backpacking expedition, treking on one of the most obscure hiking trails in the country. Little did we know about the endurance of the Groffins...the Perth, and the haunting particulars of how our insignificant walkabout would close. As fate would have it, an entity in a vast world, trapped in an indifferent time, convince our group to follow into another dimension. We were begged to assist with their strange cause. Will our unusual abilities coupled with the Groffins telepathic powers be enough to ensure, even our survival?
Which will endure? Will Fate be the scapegoat, destined to mark the perpetrator as vile or saintly? Will it be a challenge for Fate to decide if, and to what degree, there is indeed evil existing within these fraudulent Gods as well?
Find yourself rowing through the infested swamp to Mister Brunars' hovel. Scramble about the sewers of the destitute metropolis, while invading the privacy of the inquisitive rodents. During your maddening quest for mere survival, you less than half, expect to make it. Your pact with death is sealed.

A word from the author
This fantasy novel, is based on a true tale that hasn't quite happened yet. Well, my mention that it has not happened yet, does not tell the full truth, as we all have no desire to admit what's in store for our children, not to mention and our childrens' children. Rest assured you will find parodies throughout, equal to yesterdays' and todays' bizarre events with only slight embellishments, of which, some being quite outrageous. It's just the nature of such things. You may notice that my unique manner of script is quite intriguing indeed, due to my penchant for animating inanimate objects. In its' curious nature, which I feel exudes excitement, the mundane is enabled to feel very much alive.
Since, as I've mentioned, that it is based on a true story which is not exactly true, I must attest to the fact that this is a fictitious piece, which I'm certain you will enjoy, providing that fantastical creatures happen to be the magical tea, which happily dives into your morning cup.
I sincerely apologize for the omission of foul language. Yeah no swearing here, but I am quite aware that some of you require this necessary addition to assist authors with their inability to articulate in its' darn absence. ...See?
I'll assume you're acceptance of my apology since I haven't lost you yet.

Hopefully racism isn't part of your resume, as we have mention of Humans, Groffins and Perths...all of which do not resemble each other, as such, being physical anomalies from unique dimensions of their own. Their speech differences are nonexistent, but the cut of their looks and the color and texture of their skin...well... not so much. So sorry to see you go. The Perths hate the Groffins with a great degree of passion, just because they are Groffins. I really don't get it though.
If during your journey with this piece, you feel that I've articulated in some degree of error, please re-read the passage and think about the words...look deeper. Open your thoughts to the architecture of the wording. A message may be glaring at you. Every sentence has been engineered and puzzled to fit together, perhaps, at times, circumvented to produce an effect. Relax, and just let go.
I hope that your enjoyment while reading my novel, matches the pleasure which I experienced as I brought it to life.
Your Author,
Jim Bondy
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