Charmingly illustrated by Shea Wolfshorndl, this children's book from author Jason Shea is described by readers as "clever," "heartwarming," and "entertaining."

The Adventures of Little Skidooch, by Jason Shea
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56 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 7 reviews

"Great adventure story! Fun book for kids. Creatively written and beautifully illustrated. Gives good messages about sharing, selflessness, and more. Highly recommended - a great book to read to children, and substantial enough for young readers to read on their own." -- Amazon reviewer
A captivating children's tale about a little boy who finds a rock with magical powers that opens a door to a strange new world. On his journey to find his way back home the little boy encounters all sorts of characters including giant calicosaur cats, a talking monster truck, creepy spiders, strange creatures called Bobbits, and the biggest scariest amphibian you have ever seen. Along the way he learns valuable lessons about friendship, leadership, trust, and above all else, how important it is to help when others are in need.

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Meet the Author

In 2009 I was inspired by my then 2 year old son Ayden to step way outside my comfort zone and begin writing a Children's book. Ayden was diagnosed on the Autistic spectrum and I wanted to do something completely memorable for him to make him realize how special he was to me. The best idea I could come up with was to make him the main character of the book while bringing his favorite toys, stuffed animals, pets, and more to life! I figured how cool it would be to be 6 years old and walk into your school library and there is a book about you!

Children's storybook writing is a completely different direction from my everyday career. For nearly two decades I have worked in the field of health and wellness, currently as a gym owner, adjunct professor, coach, speaker, and municipal police statewide health and wellness coordinator for the state of Massachusetts. Alongside these responsibilities, I enjoy spending quality time with my beautiful wife Wendy and two children Bryn and Ayden.

Another passion of mine is writing. Over the past three years I have been gifted the tremendous opportunity of having my own nationally syndicated column in Gatehouse Media publications. This passion for writing has led to the authoring of four books related to the topic of fitness and health, with future projects including another children's book and the aptly titled fitness book Butts, Guts, and Other Problem Areas!

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