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The Alliance of Independent Authors - Global online conference and competitions

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Not sure if this has been mentioned previously, or if anyone here is a member. home page

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is the professional association for authors who self-publish.
We foster ethics and excellence in self-publishing -- and run many campaigns and collaborations that benefit our members. conference competitions (looks like you might have to pay $5 to enter some of them).
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If they want $140 a year from me, they better offer significant benefit.

Anyone here a member?  Recommendations?
thewitt said:
If they want $140 a year from me, they better offer significant benefit.

Anyone here a member? Recommendations?
I met the SA contact person for coffee and we had an interesting chat. Sounds like it would be useful to be a member, but I can't honestly see how they can offer more assistance than the members of this forum provide for free. It seems like there is is always someone in the Writers' Cafe who will be able to answer just about any writing related question - and more views expressed than you know what to do with :D
After hearing great things about it from multiple people, I joined Ninc last year.  It's an organization for published authors--whether Indie, Hybrid or Traditional, it serves all. I wasn't able to make last year's conference in Florida, but I hope to get there this year as I've heard it's amazing. It's a very business focused conference.  Yearly membership is only $65. 
If the whole fake DMCA notices on indie authors starts getting out of hand it might be good to have one of these organizations behind you to get help, if they have a legal department.
I'm a member and I find them very helpful. But I find Writer's Café just as helpful too.
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