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Susan in VA said:
The day before my Kindle was due to arrive, I bought Leslie's very helpful, informative, and entertaining book. Thank you Leslie, for putting all that together and making it available at such a good price.

But... it seems to be written about the K1. There wasn't a K2 version or an updated edition listed with Amazon, but I wondered whether such a thing exists here on KB.

(Since the book is mentioned so many times in various threads, a search didn't get me anywhere...)
No, I haven't done the Kindle 2 book (yet). It's on the to-do list.

Part of my procrastination is that they got rid of a lot of the little quirks with the Kindle 2 that existed on the K1. My theory is that they were really trying to make the device "idiot proof" the second time around. So without the quirks, there aren't as many questions. I see that on this board and I see it over at Amazon, as well (even though I am not spending as much time there).

I started the FAQ thread here and you're right, it has only one question. If you do have other questions, let me know -- I'll try to answer them and work on compiling a list.

There is general "about Kindle" stuff in the FAQ book which would be applicable to the both the K1 and K2, but like I said, many of the shortcuts and quirks no longer exist.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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