"This is a story about courage, ancient gods, and people falling in love." Who wouldn't love a book like this?

The Ancient Burden of Fear, by T. C. Walters
392 pages, with a 5-star rating from 3 reviews

"This book is a hidden marvel. T.C. Walters introduces you into the story and never lets you put the book down unless you are too tired to turn the next page. You so much want to know how it will continue, what will happen. What will go wrong and more interestingly, how the characters will cope with it. The atmosphere is dense, the characters are elaborated and each main character has certain archetypal connotations. You can clearly imagine each one of them as a real person." -- Amazon Reviewer
This is a story about courage, ancient gods, and people falling in love. The book begins in the mist of the night as a fisherman maneuvers his boat through the waters of Peru's largest port, setting the stage for an extraordinary escape from an island prison. This incident triggers a series of events that spans two continents-North and South America-and brings together the lives of six very exceptional people. Woven throughout the novel is an unusual love affair filled with depth and devotion. The catalyst for the story is Gage McClure, the owner of The Inn at the Pier in Seattle, Washington. Each of the characters will be bound together by Gage's desire to repay a debt of honor and, coincidentally, will be affected by the strange resurrection of a pre-Inca civilization. This adventure is about bravely facing the burden of fear.

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T.C. Walters grew up in the northeast and eventually relocated to the Pacific Northwest where he now lives. He travelled to Eastern Europe and with his love for mountains and countryside spent six years in the Czech Republic. His innate abilities for communication led to a lecturing career in the states. While lecturing he became intrigued with the conflicting aspects of Peru, its revolution and the duplicity of its leaders - which gave him inspiration for this novel.