11-year-old Christine and her widowed father risk everything to pursue her dream of attending a prestigious music conservatory. 20 four- and five-star reviews for this modern-day spin on the Phantom of the Opera, from screenwriter C. David Stephens.

The Angel of Music, Part I: The Enchanted Violin, by C. David Stephens

C. David Stephens has created a must read novel in "The Angel of Music, Part I: The Enchanted Violin". Stephens' imagination has created a masterpiece that will keep you captivated from the first to the last page. Being a music teacher myself, attracted me to this book, but it can be read by non-musical readers and still show it's beauty. Based on Gaston Leroux's "The Phantom of the Opera", the story starts with Viktor Daae and his eleven year old daughter Christine, homeless and traveling to Los Angeles. The story of why they are homeless and where they are headed will have you angry, crying, and laughing all at the same time. Written in a modern style and based in a present time period, the author's writing style will pull you in as if you are part of the story. C. David Stephens likes to introduce new plot events, flash back in history to give you a better understanding where this is all coming from, and then continue the idea. I don't want to spoil any of the plot or the ending, because this is a life changing novel and has completely changed how I view homeless individuals. -- Amazon reviewer
Christine Daaé, a beautiful child of eleven years, travels by bus from Chicago to Los Angeles with her widowed father, where he hopes to enroll her in The Belen Conservatory of Music as a scholarship student. Homeless and destitute, carrying everything they own, they arrive in Los Angeles and immediately begin working as street performers to earn money for food, making their way to Santa Monica, where Christine is excited to see the beach for the first time.

Twelve-year-old Raoul Chagny, strolling along the Santa Monica Pier with his governess, is enraptured by this beautiful young girl who sings with the voice of an angel. Raoul, either heroically or foolishly, leaps off the pier into the Pacific Ocean to rescue Christine's scarf, floating away on a sea breeze, and the seeds of an enduring romance are planted. Christine and her father find lodging in the guest house of Professor Valerius, a university music professor, and his wife. Raoul, a promising violinist, is soon taking lessons from Daaé.

The Angel of Music is loosely based on the novel The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux, and is a current-day retelling in three parts of the timeless story. Part I: The Enchanted Violin, follows young Christine from her trip to Los Angeles to her audition for the conservatory.

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