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Assassin (Assassin Series Book 1), by Bryan Murray

"I had trouble putting this book down. If you're the type person that likes James Bond than this book is for you. CIA agent Jake Harrigan is a assassin for the CIA., he gets the jobs that are really tuff and nobody else in the agency can do. You will find this book full of suspense and action packed. I will be looking forward to reading the next book from this series." -- Amazon reviewer
Jake Harrigan is a lethal government assassin based in Washington where his wife, who he adores, works for a large defense contractor, totally unaware of what Jake does for the government.

While Jake is on a dangerous mission to terminate the patriarch of a large family oil company in Dubai, who refuses to work on illegal arms deals with rogue government agents, Jake's bosses, his wife overhears those same agents and her boss discussing their treacherous plans, after which she and her friend are terminated, just to keep them quiet.

Jake is angry and devastated and with help from Sarah, a friendly Federal Agent, he goes in search of the people responsible, determined to kill them, not realising that the vengeance-seeking Arab sons and lethal bodyguards of the man he terminated in Dubai, have been sent to kill him by his treacherous agency colleagues.

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Meet the Author

My name is Bryan Murray and I am an Author/Screenwriter living in Florida. In all my writing, my favorite genre has always been action-based suspense thrillers. I am also a huge James Bond fan and I wanted to give my Readers an idea of what perhaps his American counterpart would be like. The 'Assassin Series' of political thrillers centers around Jake Harrigan, a tough, Irish/American ex-CIA 'black ops' assassin and his partner and girlfriend Sarah Schaumberg an equally tough ex-FBI agent.

When they form their top level security firm in Washington, DC, they work with Presidents and Prime Ministers as well as all the top intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA, DEA and even the Israeli Mossad and the UK MI6.

Jake gets the job done in a ruthless, dedicated manner but he is totally protective and kind-hearted when it comes to his friends and clients. Sarah is his intuitive, behavioural specialist sidekick who helps them to succeed against all the odds in many different, exotic locations.

The first seven Jake Harrigan thrillers are already available on Amazon/Kindle and i am targeting to launch Book 8 around the end of September.

I hope you enjoy the 'Assassin Series'.