If you are looking for a quality novella, read about L. Donsky-Levine's gripping story, "The Bad Girl".

The Bad Girl, by L. Donsky-Levine
144 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 12 reviews

"RIVETING. Debut author, Donsky-Levine enters the literary arena with a superbly-crafted exploration of the grieving process and what happens when we cannot move on. In Riley, a feisty, emotionally scarred woman who lives in an uncertain world where survival shares a place alongside the thin edge of violence, she has given her readers a unique and fresh perspective on an oft-traversed topic (sexual abuse). One seen not only through Riley's eyes, but through her cat's and the two equally-damaged men who enter her isolated existence, hoping to save her." -- Midwest Review
Survival in the animal world is a simple concept. Survival in the human world is not.

1971. Riley Madison is always looking over her shoulder. And always running. From poverty, from abuse, from a childhood snuffed out by a junkie mother, and a violent past marginally kept at bay. This twenty-two-year-old New Yorker lives in her less than perfect world where her only friend is a cat, and when not self-medicating with Twinkies, Oreos and cigarettes, she works at a Times Square sex emporium servicing anyone who can pay. Not because she wants to. But because she has to if she aims to stay one step ahead of the dangerous underworld that sees her as nothing more than prey. Prey whose internal armor is about to be tested in ways she never imagined when her life once again spirals out of control.

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L. Donsky-Levine was born and raised in New York and where according to her mother, she was writing before she even walked, telling those stories with a twig in the dirt. But it would take a lifetime and the raising of a family first before that career as storyteller would come to fruition. In her trademark witty and wise fashion, she crafts stories crossing all genres, all emotional landscapes of the heart about characters dealing with all the things life could possibly throw their way. The Bad Girl is her debut novella. She currently lives in South Florida with her family. Visit her online. www.ldonskylevine.com Facebook.com/LDonskyLevine @ldonskylevine