This "sidequest" to the The Foreworld Saga is a stand-alone story that complements the settings and characters of Teppo's acclaimed fantasy series. Just $1.99, it makes for a great introduction to an extraordinary series of tales.

"Mark Teppo has this genre down pat. I wish it was a book length piece. I'll be in line for the next one." -- Amazon reviewer
The Beast of Calatrava: A Foreworld SideQuest (The Foreworld Saga), by Mark Teppo

SideQuests are stand-alone stories or novellas that chronicle the heroes, villains, and adventures in The Foreworld Saga across numerous eras and ages. They can be read in any order with or without prior knowledge of The Foreworld Saga.

After a battle left Ramiro Ibáñez de Tolosa's face terribly disfigured, the knight of the Order of Calatrava abandoned his sword for a pastoral existence. But his beastly appearance horrifies all those who cross his path-with the exception of his adoring and pregnant wife. Can he keep Louisa and their unborn child safe from the war that is coming to Iberia?

As Ramiro prepares for his child's birth, Brother Lazare of the Cistercian order searches for a means to inspire men as he travels with the crusading Templars. He seeks swords of legend--named blades carried by heroes of old--believing such symbols have the ability to rally men in a way no king could ever accomplish. But when he learns of the stories told of the mysterious monster that haunts the Iberian battlefields, he wonders what sort of power this new legend might contain--the legend of a man whose scarred face and cold demeanor cannot hide his heroic soul.

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Mark Teppo (born May 21, 1968) is an American author of contemporary fantasy and Science fiction. His work is strongly peppered with references to occult concepts, most commonly those of Hermeticism and Alchemy.

Prior to his current tenure as a fiction writer, Teppo was a music journalist working both as a staff reviewer and editor for various publications such as Earpollution, Igloo Magazine, Earplug, and Teppo is also Chief Creative Officer of Subutai Corporation, whose first offering is the interactive fiction project The Mongoliad.

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