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The Book Thief is truly an amazing, mind-blowing, crazy-good book...

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I just finished reading Markus Zusak's The Book Thief. It's incredible. Fabulous, unusual, luminous with rare insight. It somehow ended up classified in the Children's section of Amazon, but this is one of those unique books that transcends ages.

I'm highly critical of writing. I find the majority of books to be either a waste of time or mediocre at best (so sue me). Happily, though, there's a healthy minority of value, and then there are a handful of gems hidden in the wasteland. The Book Thief is up there with the Solomonic rubies.

Please read this book. I'm off to buy multiple copies to give away.
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I've heard of this before I think - I shall give it a read, thanks for the recommendation!
Read it. Loved it. It's not a children's book.
Yeah this book is pretty great. A great story nicely told. I would absolutely recommend people check this out if they could.
Loved this book!  May have to read it again.


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I loved this book too.  I wouldn't class it as a children's book either.
Definitely an amazing book! And no, not for children. Maybe mature middle graders could handle it, but it gets pretty intense.
According  to the blurb, it was originally marketed at age 12 and up; and now is recommended for 9th graders and up.

I was probably just caught off-guard by Amazon's (occasionally) non-sensical classification system. Definitely not a book for younger kids, but certainly suitable for older ones. Anyway, I'm so pleased I found this book... Glad you all enjoyed it!
Yes, I loved it too. Gave it to my mother, and she recommended it to her bookclub.
Yes a great book; one of those rare ones where everyone who reads it seems to like it, regardless of age, gender, normal reading genre or anything else.
I absolutely LOVED this book too! I read it when I was a tween, and before it was billed as a young adult/children's book, so I thought I was v. grown up reading an adult's book that I loved :)
Based on the postings in this thread, I went to product page to investigate this book and found that I had bought this book back in 2010 and returned it for a refund. Absolutely no idea why, since I didn't review it.  ??? ???

I read it "BK" -- in paper. . . . not long after it first came out I guess.

I remember it was an o.k. book, but 'mind-blowing' and 'crazy-good' absolutely don't come to mind for me.

As with anything -- YMMV. :)
I read this last year and my impressions were: (1) some words/verbs are "modernized" and though they call my attention (generating a "huh?"), the style does not take away from the story; (2) book layout was strange - I thought it was specific to the ebook version but found out it's the same in the printed version; (3) Zusak is a good storyteller - especially in the war scenes; (4) the writing style grew on me although I found it odd at the start.  It was a good read and I recommended it to friends.  It is hard for me to give a book an "amazing, mind-blowing, crazy-good" review - but then again those adjectives are used relative to other books that one has read, so that description is still legitimate.  :)
:) That's the beauty of subjectivity. I mean, my wife can't stand tuna noodle casserole. It makes no sense at all to me...
I thought it was a good story though it took me some time to like the author's style. It was a good read-- sure didn't find it, "amazing, mind-blowing, fabulous, luminous, crazy-good read, etc"... but we all have our opinions.  ;D
I'll have to check it out.
I never imagined that a book narrated by Death could be so heart-rending and compelling.
I think Markus Zusak is an amazing writer.
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