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The Books of Shadow: Volume I - SPECIAL OFFER - 5 stars

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The Books of Shadow: Volume I (36 Horror Tales)

By the author of Deadly Violet and Speak of the Devil.

Creatures from the sea and space ... and sometimes even both. Phantoms from a city's history, and from a middle-aged man's haunted past. The perils of computer dating, and the dangers posed by creatures that you cannot even see. And very worst of all, the monsters created by an innocent young child's imagination. Here are a dozen stories that will quicken your heart and freeze the very marrow in your bones. Don't read them at too late an hour ... for who knows what nightmares might come?

Includes stories from The Black Book of Horror, The 3rd Alternative, Fontana Ghost Stories, and Best New Horror.

"A hell of a writer, one of today's masters of dark fiction" -- Horror World.


Read a review here.


For a list of all Tony's books on Kindle, self-published and conventionally published, click here.
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My long-running website,, has just been completely updated. There's a better Photo Gallery, a massively expanded Art Gallery with over a dozen new paintings and drawings by M. Wayne Miller and Steve Upham, a new interview conducted by award-winning author Ed Gorman, a complete list of my available ebooks, both from major publishers and self-published, and news of my latest novels and collections.
Huge thanks to Marie O'Regan for putting it all together.
Why not take a look?
The Books of Shadow have even begun selling in Germany. Why not take a closer look at them?
thanks, Looks interesting and Killer cover...
There won't be any further Books of Shadow for a good long while, so take advantage now.
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