Special agent Dagny Gray pursues an elusive criminal whose crimes are quickly escalating. A heart-gripping police procedural thriller!

"This didn't just exceed my expectations; it blew me away. This was clever, well-written, and so enjoyable that I was sad when it finished, even though it's more than 400 pages long. " -- Shannon Anna, Amazon reviewer

"The Bubble Gum Thief" spends about half of its generous 420 pages building up a web of mystery and intensity. The chapters that detail the various crimes as they happen are beautifully executed vignettes. At the risk of a higher body count, I almost wish there were more crimes because I enjoyed those chapters so much. Of course, as with any thriller, there are some twists and surprises, and this is no exception. While I half suspected one of the major twists, I still enjoyed the way in which it all came together." -- Amazon Vine Voice reviewer
The Bubble Gum Thief, by Jeff Miller


It is barely a crime--just the theft of a single pack of gum. But each crime that follows is bigger, and each accompanying note promises the next one will be even worse.

When Special Agent Dagny Gray is asked to investigate the gum thief's fifth crime, a bank robbery, it seems like an amusing case. But there is nothing funny about the double murder that follows. Although the gum thief started with the smallest crime possible, he is building to the biggest crime imaginable.

Bent on justice, hobbled by the bureau, and burdened by personal demons, Dagny Gray races to untangle the meaning behind the gum thief's madness. But can she catch him before he reaches the cataclysmic finale of his escalating spree?

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Jeff Miller grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, where Jerry Springer attended his temple and Pete Rose broke his heart. He's rafted down the Rio Grande with folksinger Butch Hancock, co-created an award-winning mockumentary about table tennis, and performed and written for a public access sketch comedy series.

Like many lawyers, the only thing he ever really wanted to do was write. The Bubble Gum Thief is his first book. He lives with his incredible wife, Kate, and their two young sons.