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The case of the amazing invisible book (Fixed!)

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Last night I published my latest m/m erotic romance to Amazon. This morning I got the usual "Congratulations, you've successfully published on the Kindle store!" email, with a link:

There's the book, complete with Look Inside, buy button, and description. Great, except when I went to check, the book couldn't be found in any sort of search. Enter title, author, or any combination, either in a general search or in the Kindle store, and the book doesn't exist. This makes it difficult to sell books. So I waited a while, and when nothing happened, I republished. A few minutes ago I got the same email, congratulating me on publishing my book... and the book is still there, but is still completely unsearchable. It's like the book is a private secret between me and Amazon.

This is not an "adult dungeon" problem, as the book is available on Amazon UK (and has already had three sales and one five-star review), and can be found there under both a general search and a Kindle store search. It seems to be just another manifestation of the usual new book glitches, but I've never had one persist this long. Should I wait and see what happens, or contact Customer Service and ask for help?
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The email typically comes out before the book is fully loaded.  Check back in the morning and it should all be good.
It's weird, because I checked this site's linkmaker, and IT had no trouble finding the book and making a link. Peculiar.

Yeah, I know the email often comes out ahead of... well, lots of stuff. I've had missing descriptions and missing buy buttons, and occasionally books that can't be found for brief periods. This is the first time a book has been unsearchable for so long, though. But I think your advice is good... I'll wait and see what happens in the morning. :) I think I'm stressing more than usual because B&N seems to have decided to get stuck in forever-processing limbo on this one, too. Thank goodness for ARe, or I'd be pulling my hair out. :D
That happened to my boxed set. It wouldn't show up on any searches for a few days and the one day, poof! It's mystifying and annoying as hell.
Well, clicking on your button worked but doing a 'search' on amazon did not - as of 2 minutes ago (6:05 cst).

When you go to your account page does it say your book is 'live'?
Yes, it's live, not publishing, and I've gotten the "congratulations you're published" email twice now. I guess it's just one of those glitches. Hopefully it will be searchable tomorrow.
If memory serves it took about - 6 to 10 hours for mine to be searched out even though it said live. I was reminded at a group I am part of that hundreds of books are submitted by indies every day or so. We're swamping the system.

Don't you just hate it having to wait!
I'm happy to report that those of you that counseled patience were right-- the book showed up this morning in search results. It showed up on B&N too (despite an error message when I uploaded it). It's live everywhere, so no worries. :)
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