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The Christmas Witchling, by D. Byron Patterson
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"Tulie Flue, the eight-year old heroine of this story, is a different kind of witch. She has no warts, her green skin isn't dark enough, she can't fly a broom straight, and she uses the wrong kind of magic. For this, she is ruthlessly teased by her classmates and her brothers until she questions her own worth. From these beginnings, D. Byron Patterson weaves a tale of acceptance, discovery, and ultimately self-belief. As I read aloud to my audience, my nine-year old autistic son who has overcome a great deal of bullying and misunderstanding of his own, my heart was warmed to hear him relate to Tulie's trials and cherish her gifts and talents, even before their full significance was revealed. Yes, Santa Claus plays a major role in The Christmas Witchling, but the real story is about Tulie Flue who finds courage through the love, friendship, and faith of those she meets on her journey. It is a story that reminds us, despite a Pandora's Box of challenges, there is always hope for a heroic life." -- Amazon reviewer
A Different Kind of North Pole Adventure Story

The Moving Story of a Brave Little Outcast Who Saves Christmas
Since before the Dark Ages, the mysterious Witches of Evernight Mountain have rid the world of evil spirits to prepare for the Christmas season. Having performed this sacred duty without fail for over a millennium, why would the 1000th All Hallows Eve Jubilee be any different' When toy-making Elves move into the valley, the North Pole is not the same -- and nothing is what it seems. It takes the courage of 8-year-old Witchling Tulalulalen Flue to set things right after everything suddenly goes wrong. Bullied by her peers and family, brave Tulie Flue runs away with her shapeshifting Patagonian spider kitten to stop a powerful evil now spreading through the Arctic. Will Tulie be able to keep the demon hordes from destroying her home and ruining Christmas? This new take on the Santa Claus origin story is a heartwarming winter's tale about the wonder of the holiday season, the magic of courage and the bonds of true friendship. For children ages 8 and up.

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Meet the Author

D. Byron Patterson is a songwriter, author, vocal technician, artistic mechanic, classically trained actor (Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London, for starters), sometime-puppeteer and the 1995 1st Runner-up National Karaoke Champion (shh, don't tell anyone).

As Head of Creative Development at Love & Fleece, LLC, Patterson's focus is creating characters, designing toys and building worlds, as well as their original content. Patterson says that his deeply personal professional mission was forged from his creation of a sassy character named Lamby Lambpants, a plush toy lamb magically brought to life by the magic of a Chinese dragon. Although blind and somewhat deformed (in a very cute way), Lamby lives boldly, honestly and fearlessly. His ability to bring wounded, broken or abandoned toys to life and his mantra is simple: Spread the Happy, Not the Cranky.

Patterson says that all of his characters, not just Lamby, embody the potential in us all. That life is fun and magical and meaningful if you surround yourself with the right people. That you are NEVER as broken as you think you are. That finding the courage to be yourself comes when you honestly accept your flaws and imperfections without shame.

"I'm tired of honesty and self-reliance being treated as dirty words," he says. "Self-esteem is NOT an automatic entitlement, but something HARD-EARNED through acts of charity, compassion and love."

D. Byron Patterson is married and lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida, with his wife and business partner, Tina.

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