Get to know this distinctive thriller series from Enes Smith, featuring mystery and action on a modern-day Indian reservation. Pick up the first book in this series, with a 4.5 rating after more than 400 reader reviews!
Cold River Rising (Cold River Series, Book 1), by Enes Smith

"Riveting! While there is only ONE Tony Hillerman, if you liked his work, you'll probably enjoy "Cold River Rising". The author has actual experience living and working on a native American reservation so even the small details are credible. I live in Oregon so was delighted to encounter the geographical descriptions of a place I am so familiar with. This story is not predictable. It is dramatic, fanciful and realistic and contains some humor. I was sorry when the book came to an end and am looking forward to another book by Enes Smith." -- Amazon reviewer
Cold River Running, book 3 in the Cold River Series, is available for pre-order.

About Cold River Rising - If you love thrillers, don't miss this action-filled journey on a modern day Indian reservation, with scenes in South America, the U.S. Senate, and the White House. Thriller and crime writer Ann Rule said, "Smith is a writer on his way straight up."
While on spring break from college, Native American Tara Eagle is kidnapped in Peru. With no help from the Unites States government, Tara and her college friends, Indian kids from tribes around the country, struggle to stay alive.
On the Cold River Indian Reservation in Oregon, the new Siyapu (white man) police chief, Martin Andrews, is struggling to understand the people and the culture he has been thrust into. Tara's grandfather, Tribal Council Chairman Bluefeathers, asks Martin to lead a group to Peru and rescue his granddaughter.
Bluefeathers flies to Washington, D.C. and gives an impassioned speech to a senate subcommittee. He said, "You see some of us as a weak people . . . but before your numbers and your diseases and your promises overwhelmed us . . . we were warriors. Watch us. We are warriors once again. We are the people."
Martin and a group of Indians fly to Peru on a perilous journey in an attempt to rescue the students. In Peru, Tara, who has adopted the white ways in college, realizes that she must remember the traditional ways her grandmother taught her, in order to survive.
As forces converge on the reservation to take it over, Bluefeathers gives the order to blow the bridges, isolating the reservation. They are a people under siege as the struggle in South America continues. The Cold River Indian Reservation is joined by other Indian tribes in a show of force and solidarity.
Cold River Rising - and story of courage, redemption, sacrifice, death, honor, and of a people coming together.
Cold River Rising has been a #1 Amazon best seller in two categories, and has over 280 five star reviews.
Author Enes Smith has been a panelist with Michael Connelly at The Bouchercon, the World Mystery Writers Conference. He has been a homicide detective, a SWAT commander, and on two different occasions, a tribal police chief. His first novel, Fatal Flowers, was published worldwide by Putnam/Berkley.

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Meet the Author

Enes Smith was raised in a house that resembled a library. His work as a homicide detective led to his first two novels, Fatal Flowers and Dear Departed, both published by the Berkley Publishing Group. Crime writer Ann Rule encouraged Smith to finish Fatal Flowers. Rule wrote, "Smith is a cop who's been there, and a writer on his way straight up. Read this on a night you don't need to sleep . . . 'cause you won't." She also said, "Fatal Flowers will make The Silence of the Lambs seem almost Tame."

Fatal Flowers was the first book of The Serial Killer Chronicles series, followed by Dear Departed. The third book of the series, Shadowland Survivors, is due to be released on April 15, 215.

Smith's work as a tribal police chief on the The Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon led to his latest novels, Cold River Rising and Cold River Resurrection. Cold River Rising has been described as "A modern day 'Dances With Wolves.'" Cold River Rising is in production for a major Native American Movie.

He has been a college instructor and adjunct professor, teaching writing, sociology, social deviancy, and criminology. He has a master of science degree in Correctional Administration. He regularly teaches at police academies, and delivers a keynote speech, "The One Minute Lie Detector," to groups around the country. The series, The One Minute Lie Detector, will be released later this year, a series with tips to encourage truthful behavior.

When he is not writing or speaking, Smith drag races a superbike, and rides his touring motorcycle for much of the year.