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The Dark Prince (Fountains of Fire & Darkness) LIMITED TIME OFFER

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Till Nov. 10th, 99cents! (Regular $4.99).

This is a full-length fantasy/epic novel (approx. 130k words).

When he was young he covered the world with darkness and evil until he was defeated by the greatest hero of time. With memories lost, he became a squire working for the King's Consul. Years go by and he joins the Order as a Knight, working for the same enemies he once vowed to destroy.

Alex becomes the new Champion of the Kingdom of Lasgale by vanquishing a rebellion with his unnatural abilities. He soon discovers his forgotten past by the appearance of a powerful sorceress, a one-time ally who becomes his only hope in slaying an ancient creature.
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Wanted to let everyone know of its new cover and synopsis thanks to the Kindleboard community!
Wanted to let everyone know that a standalone novella is in the works based on the Fountains of Fire & Darkness universe!
Book is approx. 537 pages
Was at 60k rank earlier in the morning.
Update see first post.
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