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my name is Vicki
I am enjoying the ride and I'm very happy 1/3 of this writing journey is now finished.
Promoting my own work is fun, but difficult; especially since I'm a newbie. This is my first book ever (yea! whoop, whoop!)
The Darklings-The Spirits of the Gods is book one of a novella trilogy. It has definitive cliffhangers ending each book; the last book being the exception of course. The Darklings is a High Fantasy thriller which includes a zombie horror show and a lot of action, fighting along with a sexy love scene for Samael, my protagonist.

Here is a very brief summary followed by an excerpt from the book. Happy Reading!

Samael is a human child is kidnapped from his father by an angel. The angel sent by an ancient god to take advantage of a powerful extra sense he possess. He is taken to another realm called Celestros. While he is in Celestros he is care for, befriended and trained as a warrior for their ancient gods. When Samael becomes an adult he is embedded with the Spirit of the Gods, this makes him practically invincible. He is then sent back to earth to halt the senseless slaughter of mankind. From the beginning of his first task he starts to doubt the Celestros intentions. He comes face to face with conspiracy, treachery and deceit as it is revealed, traitors from within his own Order plotted his downfall. He is caught between honor, love and power as he tries to save mankind from supernatural forces aimed at their destruction.

Excerpt: The Necromancer of Pazra

"Wonderful people of Patca! We have always valued our family and friends in this village. We have all grown up together; we all helped rear each generation of children right here in this village. However, terrible times have settled upon us. A few days ago, tragedy struck again. Most of the men in the village are dead. They were killed by an evil creature that has tormented us for years. I can not help but feel we have offended our gods and they have forsaken this village allowing evil creatures to pass on to our land."
The women went and stood on the bermed earth overlooking the long dug out trench where their loved ones lay on the pyre. The Paxu killed one hundred men and boys and one little girl. Samael and the remaining men had dug a long trench and laid out the people in a row.
Each family member held a torch and stood from one end of the pyre to the other. Elder Moro lowered his hand and the women laid their trinkets on their loved ones.
"We lay our love ones here to be accepted by the earth. Have mercy on them and accept them back as spirit," said Damina.
Then the women laid the torches on their loved ones. The fires burned slowly.
However, before elder Moro finished his speech, the great bell in the center of town began to furiously ring. All the villagers turned to look and wondered if the great bell rung to herald in another foreboding harbinger. Many wondered if it was Lord Anthos waiting to persecute them again. Then they saw it, a big black shadow hung heavily over their small village, like death waiting for its next repast.
"It is an omen, we have offended the gods they have sent someone else to torment us again," said a woman in the crowd.
"There is nobody left in town. Everyone is here at the funeral. Aleric run to the village and see who is there? Do not let them see you!" said Elder Moro.
Young Aleric ran to the black shadowed wagon sitting on the hill. He was the fastest young man in the village, and had won medals at all the festivals to prove it. He ran so fast his sandals kicked sand into the air and disturbed the flora growing nearby.
He stopped when he saw the massive wooden wagon. The wheels of the wagon was as tall as he, when he looked up the sides of the wagon it seemed to go on forever it had been decorated with large and small black symbols. Four of the biggest black stallions he had ever seen pulled the wagon. Their harness and reigns were made of silver or some white shiny metal instead of leather or cloth.
Aleric walked along the side of the wagon, he rubbed along the side of one of the beautiful black steeds. The horse stomped its hooves and blew air out through his nostrils. Aleric heard a low growl rising up from the belly of the horse. The horse swiveled its head to look at Aleric. Aleric looked up just long enough to see a glint of red in the black stallion's eye. Aleric backed away from the horse. The horse neighed and raised back, again stomping his hooves into the sand.
Aleric wondered how they made it through the hottest part of the day. The desert sun would have seared the metal to they're flesh, he thought.
Aleric had never seen anything like it. He continued around to the front of the wagon.
A man sat on the wagon's seat in a black hat and strange black clothes. He had long gray hair and a gray beard, which he had tucked in his jacket. The man smiled big and wide when he saw Aleric. His teeth were as white as the snow atop the giant mountain of Yacur. His clothes were clean, not dusty like every merchant that came through town. His horses and wagon did not look to have been through the desert either. Everything around the man and the wagon and the horses were spotless. It looked foreign to Aleric.
"What is your name boy-eee?" He asked.
The voice and the language frightened Aleric, it reminded him of the Paxu or Lord Anthos or whatever killed his father and destroyed the village.
Aleric took a step back. The man standing high on the wagon peered down at Aleric. His long skinny beard slipped out of its hiding place. The old man stroked it slightly.
"Frightened are you young man."
Then he laughed loud and callously.
"You will have good reason to be afraid of me young man but not yet, not yet," he mumbled.

* End of exercpt*

Here is a link to Amazon which includes another sample of the book.

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