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Today is the day, folks! My entry into THE DEAD MAN series officially comes out today.

From Amazon:

BOOK #4 in thrilling DEAD MAN saga, the action/horror series that readers and book critics alike are hailing as "an epic tale" that compares to the best of Stephen King and Dean Koontz...

Matt Cahill thought he was alone with his torment, that he was the only one who could see the evil in people's souls as rotting flesh. But in a small town in Tennessee, terrorized by a vicious serial killer, Matt meets a woman who may see what he does…and together they must confront a horrific and immortal terror that thrives on death.


* an excerpt from 33 AD, David McAfee's stunning horror novel.
* an excerpt from THE DEAD MAN #5: THE BLOOD MESA by James Reasoner


David McAfee was born in Lakenheath USAFB, England, and spent his youth traipsing about the globe with his military family, soaking up the cultures of faraway places like the Philippines, Turkey, Spain, and even California. When David was in his tweens, his father retired to Texas, which he still considers home. His work has been featured in horror magazines like Necrotic Tissue. His debut horror novel, 33 A.D., spent several weeks as the #1 bestselling horror title in Kindle UK. David currently lives in Tennessee with his wife, daughter, son, and a small army of loyal but dysfunctional pets.

Lee Goldberg is the bestselling author of the thriller THE WALK and the MONK series of novels. William Rabkin writes the wildly successful PSYCH books and is the author of "Writing the Pilot." And together, they are the authors of DEAD MAN #1: FACE OF EVIL and have written and/or produced such hit TV series as "Diagnosis Murder," "SeaQuest," "Nero Wolfe," "Martial Law,' "Monk" and "The Glades."

There are several reviews already. Give it a look, folks, and have a GREAT day!

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Congratulations on your book, David!

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David McAfee's terrific THE DEAD WOMAN, the fourth book in THE DEAD MAN series, is racking up glowing, five-star reviews and blog raves like these...

This series just gets better and better with each new installment.This is a terrific little book. It's well written, tight and meets with my one requirement for an excellent Dead Man book. A little axe swinging action! --Man Eating Bookworm

It sets up a plot deviation that could bring quite a bit of fun in future fun, I of course, mean blood-stained mayhem! It really delves into what it means to be 'The Dead Man' or 'The Dead Woman' as the case may be. --Permission to Kill

In THE DEAD WOMAN, Matt Cahill wanders into a small town in Tennessee, terrorized by a vicious serial killer, where he meets a woman who may see the same evil, the same physical rot, that he does in some people…and together they must confront a horrific and immortal terror that thrives on death.

The book includes an excerpt from 33 AD, David McAfee's stunning horror novel and an excerpt from THE DEAD MAN #5: THE BLOOD MESA by James Reasoner, which comes out tomorrow.

If you aren't reading this series...and David's kick-ass are really missing out!

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