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Hey everyone so after getting a lot of love for The Earthlings online on various platforms and of course the notice about typos I spent the last week editing the novel fully. Sorry, I had more trust in software then I should have but the problem is fixed now.

This Holiday season I am giving The Earthlings away for FREE between 12-20 and 12-24-2020. This is a Sci Fi novel. It is my gift as a writer to the world because it's all I have to give.

Relaa and Macbeth meet on the road trying to survive a dying earth and escape on one of the spaceships from distant planets. After they arrive they realize that all earthlings have been enslaved on every alien planet they are taken to. Earthlings have been rebelling all over the universe and rebel forces are coming to the rescue while Relaa and Macbeth take their own paths to get their freedom back.

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