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The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan - a scifi novella

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The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan is my latest science fiction novella, a bloody revenge tale in the style of oldschool Moorcock and Alfred Bester. The protagonist, Cezar, is a survivor of a brutal mutiny aboard a colony starship. Now he's making his way into the massive prison colony called The Pike on a mission to kill the person responsible for the mutiny: the warden himself. It's about lost love, betrayals, Buddhism and karma, monsters in the dark, prison politics, and murder.

I know everyone's reading lists are packed full after Christmas, but if there's anyone who'd like a copy of The Eighteen Revenges in exchange for an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads, just drop me a line. Take care!
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Christopher -----------------------

Welcome to KindleBoards, and congratulations on the book! :)

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Pleased as punch to see four four-star reviews up on The Eighteen Revenges already! In summary:

"Both violent and thoughtful, the novella explores deep themes while kicking ass and crunching skulls. Ruz has got something really cool here."
"The 18 Revenges of Doctor Milan is a dark fantasy sci-fi thriller filled with interesting themes... thrilling from start to finish."
"Eighteen Revenges is a dark, visceral story with a similarly dark, visceral anti-hero lead character who reminds me strongly of Riddick (of the Pitch Black and Escape from Butcher Bay variety). The setting and backdrop is well-developed, the plot gripping and the writing exceptionally tight...for the price of a couple of small coffees (or one, larger, expensive coffee) I'd definitely recommend it."

If any of those are from KB readers, thank you so much!
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Was ecstatic to see a fresh review for The Eighteen Revenges pop up this morning:

"As usual, the real star here is Ruz's prose style, which puts to shame almost any author I've come across, traditionally published or not. While some of the characters aren't quite as fleshed-out as in Ruz's other work, the tight plot and well-paced action more than make up for that, and at novella length this is a great pick for sci-fi fans who like to absorb a story in only a few sittings.
Rating: Four microwave-cooked intestines (yum) out of five."

The full review:
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