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The Epica Fabula Psychica: EXXEGESIS 23
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Following NikOK's advice, I've decided to create a post to share my latest sci-fiction trilogy with you all! It is called EXXEGESIS23 and is the first tome of a saga called The Epica Fabula Psychica, which gathers the life and mythos of the psychic chosen people, the edenites, only survivors or an unknown catastrophe that has ravaged planet Earth, turning it into a massive wildland. The book is a massive effort, and simply too long to publish in one take (either commercially or self-publishingly), so it is divided into three smaller books, each one of them with three introductions and nine official chapters.

The book thoroughly adresses many aspects, topics, ideas, philosophies, and intricacies regarding culture, ethnicity, war, family and the survival of the fittest, through the story of Eden and its glorious Imperivm, a six-hundred year old nation ruled by the Victis stirps, with their matriarch, Lilith, current 'Imperatrix', ruler of a land encompassing three different european countries: germany, france and belgium, solely populated by genetically enhanced cloned females grouped into large family branches called 'stirps', each one of them with an specific purpose or 'genetic goal', as well as unique powers or abilities, also called 'gifts'. There is much more in the synopsis of both the Kindle and Paperback options if y'all interested. The book is both in english and spanish.

These are the covers of each version of the book (which will be updated as times goes by with new, unique artwork) feel free to ask questions, to interact, to explore and to feel curious about this piece of art, I'd love to start a community!

XX23 Action Lilith - NoHeader NoName.jpg XX23 Reaction Yohel 2.jpg XX23 Consequence Vortix Cover.jpg

Regards :p
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