The Farthest City, by Daniel P Swenson
432 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 18 reviews

"The conventions of space-faring SF are honored here; fans of the genre won't be disappointed, but Swenson hasn't written just another space-opera. While there is plenty of action, his characters are individuals as true to their virtues as they are flawed, making them engaging and sympathetic. I recommend this ebook to the SF fans who frequent my bookstore, and to anyone reading this . " -- Amazon Reviewer
In the far future, intelligent machines resurrected the human race then disappeared. Now humanity wages a losing war against the alien Hexi.
One soldier, Sergeant Sheemi Tanamal, experiencing unbearable loss after the death of her brother, possessed by her anger, wants as much revenge as she can get before she dies in battle. However, her father has other plans for her, and an unexpected mission changes everything.
Citizen Kellen Beaudin, is an artist with a different, but equally troubling past. Living a life of secrecy, far from the family that rejected him, his safe existence is shattered by someone stirring up echoes of the past. Kellen's origin is deeply intertwined with the machines, although he doesn't understand how or why. He learns who he really is when his machine obsession takes him on an incredible journey.
Neither Kellen or Sheemi will ever be the same.

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I live in Southern California with my wife and two kids. At some point, after finishing graduate school, not having any more productive way to use my time, and after reading one too many less-than-stellar science fiction novels, I decided I, too, could write one. After all, it couldn't be that hard, could it? After writing 13 short stories (two published), two unfinished novels, and one completed novel (The Farthest City), I can attest writing of any kind, but especially writing well, IS hard (at least for mere mortals such as myself). That being said, I can't seem to stop at this point. I get to go on all kinds of adventures, visit places no one has yet explored, and meet the most interesting people. And the fact that it's all happening in my own head makes it rather affordable, as far as adventures and vacations go. I do most of my writing on the train to and from work, during lunch when I can step away from work, and at the library when I can escape there. Other activities I enjoy: running, cooking, hiking, poking around in tide pools, the very occasional backpacking trip, and lately just going for a walk.