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Hi guys--

I just finished THE FASHION POLICE by Sibel Hodge. Ordinarily, I'm not a big chick-lit fan, but Sibel has a personal charm that comes across in her writing. Here is the review I posted:

Amber Fox is smart, witty, sexy, clever, clumsy and definitely accident prone. She is also so big-hearted, she can't decide between two men. Working as an insurance investigator, she must solve several cases at once, while dealing with her quirky family and her hunky men friends. Sibel Hodge takes us on a wild English ride in her mystery chick-lit THE FASHION POLICE. The best part of the book is its style with a Capital "S". Funny and fast-paced, Hodge turns clever phrases with rat-a-tat speed. I especially enjoyed all the Brit terms and could hear an English accent clearly in my mind. Sibel has a strong voice and great sense of who she is as a writer. Once Amber wraps up the case of the missing fashion designer, the stage is set for the sequel. Which suitor will win Amber's heart-the policeman or her mysterious boss? Guess I'll have to read the next book to find out! Fun series, fun writer.

Dana Taylor
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