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The Glorious Battle - Road Map To Armageddon

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Not sure if any of you have written some Ebooks yourselves, but I just went through the intense learning curve of the Kindle formatting adventure. To be honest it's actually quite interesting...although it was very time consuming to learn about this process without even owning a Kindle. I had to borrow one at first. Then I used the Amazon Kindle App on my Android Charge Phone. Then I found Kindle for my PC.

In the midst of all of this I wish I had pushed forward with learning more about writing for a printed version using Amazon's service because it was at least well explained every step of the way. I particularly appreciated's book reviewer, showing you how to set the gutter of the book, the margins, the cover with it's spine, and they even provided templates for Photoshop design. Nice. In the midst of it all I learned as a noob that most artwork for such things like covers needs to be submitted in standard 300 DPI format. That's a big file! The TIFF file did not even meet the less than 25 MB requirements.

I look forward to owning a Kindle but can't afford it yet. Instead I will just limp along with my Kindle Apps I suppose. Perhaps my career as an author will take off and I can afford whatever Kindle I choose. For now...just thought i would share with you the development process. It's been fun. I will probably tweak things a few more times and upload revised version of the Kindle Book.

Also...I went through building the ever popular Epub format of the EBook, using such tools as Calibre, Aspose, and of course which may or may not be the best course of action. The formatting is really complicated when it comes to building table of contents into an epub and not using Microsoft Words automated table of contents. Unlike Kindle format through Amazon refuses to let you use a TOC from Word. You have to build your own with HTML anchors and such. I am even very well versed with HTML...and I got lost. Still working out the Epub kinks.

Kindle is a good thing. I only hope the learning curve was worth the time. Cheers!

Here is the book cover I put together in Photoshop. Tell me what you think?

The Glorious Battle Website
The Glorious Battle - Amazon Kindle Version
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I am the author of "The Glorious Battle - Road Map To Armageddon" and I am very proud to have completed this book. It took me nine years to write it, partially because it's a complicated subject, and partially because I had no idea what I was doing for the longest time.

The book covers the history and root of Bible Prophecy, the order of events in the last days, and how we can prepare ourselves for the times that are coming.
Many people seem to be realizing that things are changing dramatically in the USA and in the world...and that we can not go on this way forever.
How do we know what is coming?
What does the Bible have to say about it.

Some of the topics covered include: The last seven years, the antichrist, the abomination of desolation, the persecution of the saints, the rapture of the saints, the wrath of God, the end of the age, the Milliennium, The New World Order, Islam, The Days of Preparation and much more.

I took this book very seriously and my reputation is on the line with such a heavy and serious subject.
I pray you enjoy the book. It is available on Amazon in Paperback and in Kindle Format. It seems to be getting out to Expanded Distribution Channels as well.
There will be some free days of Kindle downloads as I have enrolled it in KDP Select on Amazon Kindle.
If you would like to seriously discuss this book I would be happy to make it available to you for free in digital format.
You can contact me at: [email protected]

Thanks all!

The Glorious Battle - Road Map To Armageddon

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